From our enormous stock of 17|800 pieces, 8800 pictures are available in our website.

Our show room and the warehouse are in duty free Embraport Zürich

MADAYAN Zepur Orientteppiche
By appointment
Embraport B16
8424 Embrach ZH
Phone 0041 0 44 493 15 01
mobile 0041 0 79 326 07 38

Madayan's philosophy and trust

Investment in antique Oriental carpets it is a safe side.

A- The carpet is under your disposal.

B- You will enjoy it with your family members it is part of the interior decoration.

C- It is considered an investment for short and long term as long as you buy it with the right price and the right character.

D- By the time the value of the carpet will appreciate.

E- Easy to move it elsewhere and very practical.

F- To own an Oriental carpet is a matter of prestige and culture because it has his own history.

G- It is not enough to be an expert with knowledge or having an experience, the personal taste has his own place in the carpet domain.


Lots of 68 pieces old and antique Heriz and Mahal Persian carpets.
OFFER 83 pieces new Kalardash Persian carpets.
OFFER 42 pieces new Ardabil Persian carpets.
OFFER 56 pieces new Yellemeh Persian carpets.
OFFER F 56 pieces old and antique Tabriz Persian carpets.

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