Zepur Madayan inherited the carpet's profession from her husband Mardiros Madayan who will remain her expert and adviser.

Mardiros Agop Madayan, born 8th April 1946 to a modest Armenian family, became first interested in carpets at about the age of eight. He did theological studies at a seminary in an Armenian monastery, but was fascinated by antique carpets. Now in the IV generation, through the line of his great-grandfather, he inherited the carpet profession from his grandfather. He started doing business in 1965, in a tiny store of two by two meters, with just one carpet dated 1877, which he sold to Dr. Hugh Harcourt, professor of cultural studies at AUB Lebanon. In 1977, in order to save his famous collection, Madayan moved to Zurich Free-Zone.

In 1980, he started selling carpets to European dealers and has since become a reputed, widely know international antique-carpet dealer, having at his disposal over 7000 antique carpets, Kilims and bagfaces, beside 7000 new carpets.

Year 1980's Madayan chose Zurich/Switzerland as his new fatherland. 1990 he married Lady Zepur.

In the domain of carpets, experience and knowledge count.