From 17000 carpets, 8000 pictures are available in our website.

Carpet washing, repair and activities:

- Sell, buy or exchange old and new carpet.

- Professional carpet and kelim repair per hour cost CHF 20.-

- Hand washing with natural Aleppo-soap mixed with water and vinegar, CHF 40.- per sqm, over size carpet + CHF 5.- per sqm.

- Treatment against moths cost CHF 5.- per sqm.

- Special packaging in order to store the carpet, cost CHF 4.- per sqm.

Carpet storage for one year
-the cost of a small carpet is CHF 25.-, insurance coverage CHF 25.-

-the cost of room size carpet is CHF 50.-, insurance coverage CHF 50.-

-the cost of entering pictures in the section "Offer from private" is CHF 75.- per carpet.

Free of charge services:

- Expert advice.

- Oral expertise.

- Local house delivery.

- Written expertise or certificate cost CHF 75.00.

- By email expertise cost CHF 35.-.

Option to rent a carpet: We rent antique and new Persian and European hand knotted carpets, and tapestries in different sizes and wishes.

This option is ideal for the decoration of causeless, show-rooms, conference rooms, concert halls, resident houses and hostelries.

The expenses are as follows:

-the cost of the rent is CHF 20.- per sqm.

-the cost of the washing is CHF 40.- per sqm.

-the transport is free until 30 km. Over 30 km, CHF 0.40 per km.

-the cost of the insurance is based on the carpet|s value.

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